As a child, I was always around animals. My first animal was a Siamese cat named Cindy. So I am really not surprised my love of cats never changed.

My very first cat as an adult, was a domestic short haired black cat, named Eserey. She lived until a ripe old age and I still miss her very much. 

One day a cat was in my back yard. I scooped him up, put him in a carrier and took him to the local vet. I asked what would happen to this cat, they explained he would be taken to the local shelter. From that day on my eyes were opened and my passion for these animals grew. I became determined to help cats as much as I could, including raising awareness in my local community about topics such as desexing your cats (which minimises how many cats end up in animal shelters) and adopting pets from shelters instead of buying them from breeders.

My passion for animals only grew as I studied at TAFE. I love learning and am grateful for having had the opportunity of learning more about animal care and companionship.

My business formed because of my early childhood experiences and being passionate about cats motivates me to run a successful cat minding and boarding business.

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