The details

Pet minding in your own home

I also offer to mind your pet in your own home, for times when you’re away. I can do this if you live in the Penrith area. I can also offer this service in areas surrounding Penrith at an extra surcharge. For Penrith residents, I’m happy to stay at your home while you’re away.

I’ll arrange to meet you before you go away, so that I can collect keys. I will visit your place daily to feed your pet(s) and keep them company for an hour. I can also take your bins up onto the street for bin collection.

Pets often don’t cope well in boarding situations, so this service is intended to minimise stress for you and your pets.

Claw trimming

I offer this service so that your pets can have their claws trimmed in the comfort of their own home. I offer this service for:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • guinea pigs
  • rabbits

Why is this better than having claws trimmed at a vet clinic? It’s less stress for both you and your cats, as it can be done on your cat’s terms in the environment that your cats know best – their home!

Plus you don’t have to travel anywhere.

Vet transport

This is a great service if you don’t have access to a car, or if your car is having repairs or being serviced. I can come to your house, and take you and your treasured cat to your own vet.

Please allow up to approximately 45 minutes before the vet appointment for pick up.

After the vet visit, I’ll drop you and your cat straight back to your door.

Dog walking

This is great if you’re very busy at work and don’t have time to walk your dog or if you go on holiday and need someone to walk your dog while you’re away.

If you’re interested in my dog walking service, check out the dog walking terms and conditions by clicking here.

Booking my services

All my services need to be booked in advance, to ensure that I don’t double book and to ensure that your pets receive the best possible service I can provide. Please feel free to contact me about my availability by ringing me on (0407) 238 599 or send me an email to

Terms and conditions can be viewed here.