Terms & Conditions

Thank you for expressing an interest in one or more of the services offered by Penrith Valley Pet Care. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, so that you understand how Penrith Valley Pet Care’s services work. They are designed so that your pets receive the best possible care. By an owner making a booking a service of Penrith Valley Pet Care, the owner agrees that they and their pet(s) are subject to and conditional upon these terms and conditions.

Penrith Valley Pet Care holds a current and valid insurance policy and Patrina Carter holds a current police check.


1.  Penrith Valley Pet Care reserves the right to amend, revise or alter these terms and conditions at their discretion.

2.  By making a booking for Penrith Valley Pet Care’s boarding or minding services, the owner acknowledges acceptance of these terms and conditions.


3.  The owner agrees to provide their full contact details, as well as alternative emergency contact name and number.

4.  The owner agrees to provide full and correct details of their pet(s) to Penrith Valley Pet Care.

5.  In the event where a pet or pets are left with Penrith Valley Pet Care beyond the stipulated and paid boarding period, Penrith Valley Pet Care reserve the right, after 14 days, to sell or rehome the cat or cats at their discretion. All monies owing shall be payable by the owner and legal proceedings will be instigated, if necessary.

6.  The person leaving the pet or pets for boarding with Penrith Valley Pet Care shall be deemed the agent of the owner. Penrith Valley Pet Care reserve the right to recover outstanding fees from the agent if the owner is not forthcoming.


7.  A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to secure your booking.

8.  The remainder of the boarding or minding fees are payable on admission to the cattery, in the case of cat boarding, or on the first day of cat minding or prior to a service offered by Penrith Valley Pet Care being carried out.

9.  The owner agrees there is no refund in the event of early pick-up, in the case of boarding, or early return, in the case of pet minding.

10.  The owner acknowledges that boarding and minding rates are calculated on a calendar day basis, irrespective of time of drop-off or pick-up.

11.  There is a 20% surcharge for visits and boarding on public holidays.

12.  If Penrith Valley Pet Care is required to provide your pet(s) medication during the time they’re boarding or being minded, an additional $5 per night will be needed.

13.  If you wish to pay for services by way of electronic funds transfer (EFT), the bank details for Penrith Valley Pet Care will be provided to you to arrange such transfer. Payment by EFT must be done 48 hours prior to delivering the cat(s) to Penrith Valley Pet Care (this allows time for funds to clear Penrith Valley Pet Care’s bank account).

Cancellation Policy

14.  In the event of cancellation of cat boarding or cat minding services or dog walking services, where such services are paid in full, Penrith Valley Pet Care will happily refund 80% of the total visit cancelled.

Health and Care

15. With regard to cat boarding, please ensure your cat(s) are fully vaccinated. F3 vaccination certificates will need to be sighted and F3 vaccinations are to be completed at least 14 days before arrival at Penrith Valley Pet Care.

16.  The owner acknowledges that their cat(s) have been flea treated and dewormed no more than three (3) days before drop off at the cattery, unless flea treatment is done on a monthly basis. If fleas are found on their cat(s), they will be treated with a flea treatment of the owner’s preference. All costs for this treatment, as well as any further actions required to prevent spreading of fleas at Penrith Valley Pet Care, will be added to the owner’s account.

17.  The owner agrees to inform Penrith Valley Pet Care of any latent or current health problems or issues their pet(s) may have that require special care by Penrith Valley Pet Care or may require further veterinary attention. If there are any signs of illness prior to boarding, please keep your cats at home for two weeks prior to staying with Penrith Valley Pet Care. A proof of clearance from a veterianian will needed to be sighted prior to boarding.

18.  The owner authorises Penrith Valley Pet Care to seek veterinary care for their pet(s) in the event of an illness, injury or accident and to release information regarding their pet(s) to the veterinarian to assist in making a diagnosis and any possible treatment.

19.  Penrith Valley Pet Care will endeavour to contact the owner first should any veterinary treatment be required, including contacting the emergency contact provided by the owner. In the event that the owner cannot be contacted, the veterinarian’s decision is final.

20.  If required, the owner authorises Penrith Valley Pet Care to transport their pet(s) for veterinary care to a reputable vetetinary clinic.


21.  The owner agrees to take full financial responsibility, and shall indemnify Penrith Valley Pet Care, its employees and representatives from any claims or actions, of any kind and nature whatsoever, arising from injury, sickness, accident, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, of their pet(s) whilst in the care of Penrith Valley Pet Care, where the utmost care and diligence has been taken by Penrith Valley Pet Care.

22.  The owner indemnifies Penrith Valley Pet Care, its employees and representatives, and takes full financial responsibility where their pet(s) have caused injury to other pets or persons whilst in the care of Penrith Valley Pet Care.

23.  The owner accepts full financial responsibility and indemnifies Penrith Valley Pet Care against the cost for any veterinary care.


24.  Agreement to these terms and conditions by the owner will give Penrith Valley Pet Care a lien over the owner’s cat(s) in favour of Penrith Valley Pet Care, which lien shall continue to exist while any monies are owing pursuant to this agreement.

25.  The owner shall not be entitled to remove cat(s) from Penrith Valley Pet Care until all outstanding monies have been paid in full.


26.  Penrith Valley Pet Care is fully insured and are happy to provide documentation. Their goal is to make you and your pet(s) as comfortable as possible while providing you and your pet(s) services.

Consent to use Photographs

27.  The owner consents to Penrith Valley Pet Care to use photographs and/or videos and names of their pet(s) on Penrith Valley Pet Care’s website and all social media sites.